13 June 2009


PPQ, founded in 1992 by Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker.

"In September 2006 PPQ opened their debut flagship store in a Grade II listed four-storey Georgian town house in Mayfair, retaining PPQ's luxe but irreverent design aesthetic the floor throughout is an oyster and grey chequered homage to Alice's Wonderland."

"Originally celebrated for singlehandedly spearheading the drainpipe revolution,
PPQ have become synonymous for their signature and desperately desired looks such as jewel coloured cocktail dresses, both luxe pop-chic and covetable they have attracted a chorus of style savvy ambassadors from epitomes of celluloid cool Kirsten Dunst, Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley, Jade Jagger, Peaches Geldof, Sadie Frost, Kelly Osbourne and Agyness Deyn."

"PPQ also run a record label 1234 Records. The result of collaboration between PPQ and Sean McLusky (Sonic Mook Experience), 1234 is responsible for such acts as Whitey, The Bishops, The White Sport, Trafalgar, Objects and Cosmetique."

Interview in The Independent (Feb 2008)
Percy Parker graduated from Royal Holloway in 1993.
"In 2000 [PPQ] held its first catwalk show and is now one of London's most respected fashion brands with a fanbase that includes Madonna, Agyness Deyn and Sophie Ellis-Bextor."
"At the end of the 1990s I was running a nightclub in London called Happiness Stan's. I was DJing there one night when Amy turned up with a mutual friend...I invited Amy along to the after-party in our art gallery. I don't remember much else, aside from me pointing out that she had a massive hole in her fishnets. She was still at college in Preston while the PPQ fashion line was in its infancy. At first she came down at weekends to help out, but when she graduated, she moved down to London and it was then that we started work on our first proper collection."

"We share a 1950s/1960s aesthetic but if we have one recurring sticking point, it is whether something is too 1980s. Amy can't help herself. She's a child of that decade and can't get her love of a good batwing sleeve out of her system.
We're a bit unusual for a fashion brand – I have a degree in history and politics and no formal training. I'm rubbish at drawing, but Amy is brilliant at interpreting ideas and turning them into patterns."
Amy Molyneaux studied fashion at Central Lancashire University. She graduated in 1999 and joined PPQ a year later. She lives in London.
"The opening party for the shop was hilarious. We managed to bring our two customer types together – the music crowd and the wealthier fashion lot. The after-party at London Fashion Week was good as well. Kelly Osborne, Jamie Hince from The Kills and Alexa Chung were all there. Percy got pissed. When he's drunk he becomes just slightly more talkative than when he's sober. I remember seeing him at the Isle of Wight Festival once. Madness were playing and he started crying. Maybe he'd had one too many wines, but for me, that says it all.
There have been times when we despise each other – such as on the day we were moving premises and had to move four floors of business entirely on our own. Or the time we bought a factory in Nottingham and suddenly found ourselves in charge of the livelihood of 30 people. Sometimes we look back and think, how did we survive that? How did we not go mad?"
Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2009: “Make do and mend. PPQ has always incorporated arts and crafts aspects into each collection; from hand-knitting techniques and Macrame to hand beading and skills for life. This season, it’s all about high glamour, homemade chic.”
What are your design signatures? “The PPQ Gabriel bag, original print designs and PPQ skinny jeans.”
How would you describe your ideal client? “Sophia Lauren in a rush with Peter Sellers in tow.”

PPQ is at 47 Conduit Street, London W1 (020 7494 9789).
Oli Fusion by PPQ is available from http://www.oli.co.uk/

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