20 June 2009

Janice Dickinson, b 1955, America


  1. Born Janice Doreen Dickinson in 1955 Brooklyn, she is an American model, fashion photographer, actress, author and agent. By the 1980s, she was considered a supermodel in the fashion industry, and later expanded her profession to reality television by judging for four cycles on America's Next Top Model. She subsequently opened her own modeling agency, which was documented as The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

    Janice was raised in Hollywood, Florida and grew up in a dysfunctional household; her father was abusive and violent, and her mother was abusing drugs. Primarily to disassociate herself from her parents, Dickinson adopted an ambitious attitude at an early age.

    Her signature style is lean, mean, brash ambition and ‘70s magazine cover domination.

    Dickinson is the self-proclaimed first supermodel. In E! Network's E! True Hollywood Story, she described how she coined the term "supermodel" in 1979. Her manager, concerned that at the peak of her modeling career she was doing too much work, told her, "You are not Superman." Dickinson replied, "I am not Superman, I am a supermodel."

    Dickinson's claims for coining the term "supermodel" in 1979 and being the first supermodel, however, are disputed. The term "supermodel" was already known in the 1940s. The writer Judith Cass used the term in 1942 for her article in the Chicago Tribune, which headlined "Super Models are Signed for Fashion Show". Later in 1943, Clyde Matthew Dessner used the term in his modeling book. The term was popular throughout the 1960s to 1970s. In 1968, an article in Glamour described Twiggy, Cheryl Tiegs, Wilhelmina, Veruschka, Jean Shrimpton and fifteen other top models as "supermodels". Jean Shrimpton was also described as a supermodel by Time in 1971, as were Beverly Johnson by Jet in 1977, and Naomi Sims in the 1978 book Total Beauty Catalog by K.T. Maclay.

    Dorian Leigh is recognized as being one of the 20th Century's first supermodels, and whose career began and ended before Dickinson was born. Gia Carangi has also been called the first supermodel, as well as Lisa Fonssagrives.

    Dickinson has been married three times. Her former husbands are Ron Levy, Alan B. Gersten, and Simon Fields, by whom she has a son, Nathan Fields (born May 5, 1987). She has a daughter, Savannah Dickinson (born February 23, 1994), by former boyfriend, Michael Birnbaum. Dickinson thought that Sylvester Stallone was Savannah's father. A paternity test proved that the biological father was not Stallone, but Birnbaum. In her books and in interviews, she has also discussed her numerous sexual relationships with male and female celebrities.

    Her past lovers include Warren Beatty, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Liam Neeson, Sir Mick Jagger, and Bruce Willis.

    Dickinson has been open about the emotional and physical abuse she suffered as a child, and how her father used to sexually abuse her sister. During an episode of the reality show The Surreal Life, Dickinson stated to her cast mates, "My father was a pedophile. He was a dark, angry guy. Being forced to have a pedophile for a father is probably the most horrible thing that can happen to a child, bar none." She further relayed, "I survived a monster... 16 years I was forced to keep the secret... If I ever exposed my pedophile father, I would've been murdered. So you know what he did instead? He beat me on a daily basis." In an interview, Dickinson told British magazine Now, "When he was on the way to the hospital, I tossed his medication out of the car window and didn't tell the doctors. Maybe I wanted to kill the abuser?"

    Of her childhood with her "rageoholic pedophile" of a father, Dickinson stated, "Because I wouldn't give in and let him have sex with me, I was verbally and physically abused on a daily basis. I was told that I looked like a boy and wouldn't amount to anything. I think if you abuse a child, your balls should be cut off. You should be castrated immediately."

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