17 September 2010


The first Vauxhall Fashion Scout show on my schedule today was Prophetik.
Vauxhall Fashion Scout is normally one of the highlights of my schedule - they showcase up-and-coming designers, the crowd are always friendly and there's usually some goodies to boot.

Today I turned up to sample the free wine and see what this brand had to offer...

Designed by Jeff Garner, the eco-collection was entitled Midnight Garden.
A cloaked damsel began the show by walking onto a pedestal near the orchestra, the London Talalium Orchestra to be precise.  So far so kooky.

And then the show began..
White gowns with medieval sleeves and Maid Marion hair was the order of the day.  The gents appeared in waistcoats and had scarves round their necks.  A banjo-playing band accompanied the orchestra.  It all seemed a bit House on the Prarie gone awry.

I couldn't work out whether there was a sense of irony to be felt in the collection.  The catwalk had a grass carpet, the models had asymmetrical plaits..
No, definitley no irony.  And sadly irony was probably the only thing that could have saved this show from the realm of fancy dress.

Unfortunately Prophetik served up what can only be described as the kind of look that is stereotypically associated with eco-fashion: if you wear these clothes, your friends will think you've joined a hippie cult.

The only redeeming features were the fishtail plaits (the more successful among the plaits), the music and the fact that everyone enjoyed the designer's jig at the end with the hillbilly band.  I'm sure, however, he'd much rather we enjoyed his collection.

P.S. Sorry no pictures on this one, the internet connection in the press lounge is rather hit and miss....

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