19 September 2010

Ones to Watch

Apologies for not staying on top of my blogging... LFW is too hectic to keep up.

So, yesterday was Vauxhall Fashion Scout's One to Watch show.

First up, Lilee.

Using only white, brown and blue (although brown and blue were in moderation!) Lilee's collection was fresh and structural.  Ruffles were romantic yet architectural.  Subtle prints adorned floaty skirts and capes and a stunning white blazer, silkily hanging over the bare bones of the model showed its gold popper buttons.
Each piece was stunningly tailored: crisp yet soft, strong yet delicate.

Next to the runway was Charlotte Taylor.

I'm super excited about this collection.  Crayon-colours and a relaxed silhouette make for an easy summer uniform.  Green velvet, yellow robot print, culottes and playsuits equalled an aesthetic that was fun without being too pushy about it.  The subtle reference to a kind of 1970's childrenswear evokes hassle-free dressing with a twist: the grey/beige hues underlining the collection were highlighted with stripes, layers and other small details that ensured wearing one of these designs is not only extremely possible for us mere mortals, but also a treat.

A.Hallucination, a menswear brand with a super-tight aesthetic came next.

Here there was also a modern 70's feel but in whole different way.  The palette of browns and blues made for a understated cool (way better than black, obviously).  Conventional shapes were mixed: duffle coats and macs formed a hybrid, toggles found their way onto a blazer and these new jacket styles were then layered: duffle jackets over blazers.
If my boyf will let me, I'm definitely dressing him in a few pieces from this collection.  Pure yum.

Lastly, Georgia Hardinge.

Ruffle heaven!  Silky layers, extreme ruffles, sheer floaty fabrics and fab trompe l'oil dresses made a rather romantic statement at Georgia Hardinge.  However, seemingly in two parts, the collection became stronger and more structured with boxy skirts exaggerating womanly hips into something more dangerous.
The juxtaposition between the white and yellow sheer soft designs and the harsh black really worked though.  Don't be afraid to work black during the summer.  And look forward to channelling easter chic(k)!

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