28 September 2010

Perking me up

so I'm stuck in bed surrounded by tissues looking like something that lives under a bridge.
There are a couple of things that are cheering me up though.
One is browsing through the sale on farfetch.com, another Gossip Girl, but the third is really special.

I know everyone's been ranting about it - I was so jealous and curious about the fanatical tweets - but today is the first day I've managed to actually check it out.
Jil Sander's SS2011 collection.

Feast your eyes on this...

All pictures from style.com

Absolutely stunning.  A painter's palette of primary colours.  80's undertones. A lesson in colour-blocking.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


  1. Love the purple jacket and the long blue dress.

  2. it'd be so easy to buy into this look, right? absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I like grandma's curtains twinned with white shirt. The white version too (with the black top)...