10 February 2009

Karen Elson, b 1979, England

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  1. Married to Jack White.

    Her trademarks are her red hair and her eyebrows, which fashion photographer Steven Meisel once persuaded her to shave off.

    In 1998 she won model of the year at the VH1 fashion awards (the year after Kate Moss won). In 2005, Elson won the British Fashion Award for Best Model, over fellow catwalkers Lily Donaldson and Danny Beauchamp.

    Elson has been (and still is) quite vocal about how damaging the fashion industry can be to young women and their body image. In 2002 she admitted that she had struggled with eating disorders since the age of seven but her issues with food increased once her career took off.

    (Used to date James Iha - took up an interest in music at this time.)

    Elson is currently a creative director and performer with the New York City based political cabaret troupe The Citizens Band, appearing with them at various nightlife hotspots as well as the downtown power-house gallery Deitch Projects. Critical response to Karen's performances have been unequivocally positive, with the press frequently commenting on her striking vocal skills.

    She has also appeared in many short films and videos:
    -the music video for The White Stripes's "Blue Orchid", directed by Floria Sigismondi.
    -Cyril Guyot's Tom Ford Is Missing
    - Nick Knight's Andy Warhol-inspired series More Beautiful Women
    - Craig McDean's 48 Girls
    - Bruce Weber's Petit Fleur, Harlequin, Voodoo Daddy, Closer Walk With Thee and Karen's Boogie (all films were made in conjunction with W as a tribute to New Orleans).

    She has also appeared in the short film Lay Down Lean, a project by the experimental filmmaking team The Belles Of The Black Diamond Field.

    As of October 23, 2008 Elson has been managing a vintage boutique in Nashville, Tennessee with Venus & Mars' Amy Patterson.[20]. The boutique is called Venus & Mars- The Showroom and features "high end rare vintage garments and adornments to cheap and cheerful vintage dress and jewels."

    Elson has contributed to Nick Knight's SHOWstudio since 2002.

    Elson gave birth to the couple's first child, daughter Scarlett Teresa, on 2 May 2006 in Tennessee. The couple's second child, a boy, named Henry Lee, was born on 7 August 2007.