11 August 2010

Life on the Inside

I had my first official shift at Selfridges today after one and a half days of riveting training sessions.

I am based in home accessories.  There are some gorgeous pieces like vintage apothecary shelves for tiny bottles of potions, magnifying glasses with handles made of horn, hand-stitched cushions and beautiful glass jars and vases from the 1950's.  Though some of it is really not my taste (i.e. very commercialised) such as oversized letters in wood and metal. Ugh, yuck.  But generally it's a department full of beautiful things.  Of course everything is alarmingly overpriced.
Paperweight for £30.00?

Oh, but there are old school desks with the lids that lift up and gymnasium equipment (approx £1,000 a piece).  They bring a smile to everyones' faces.

So generally not bad, though I'd forgotten how bad retail can be.
Back. Ache.

And day one of this experience has made me realise that I really need to pull my finger out.  I am the first person to admit that I can be a bit of a snob: talking to my colleagues I have this tiny voice in the back of my head telling me that I'm meant for better things than them who are quite happy in retail.  But that doesn't mean anything if I don't make it happen for myself.  I've decided I'm going to get in touch with the team in head office who sort out the magazine and the layout//styling of the website/newsletter to see if they need any assistance/interns - I would be thrilled to help them out and I could quite easily pop upstairs after my short five hour shifts  - we'll see if anyone else thinks this is a good idea tomorrow I suppose.


  1. I think that's a splendips idea. Surely they'll be down with someone who has writing chops AND direct experience of their retail environment?

  2. yea in theory i don't see why they'd say no, but they could be sorted for interns... you never know. all i can do is ask!

  3. well apparently the answer is no. they only take on 3month full-time interns.
    if only they would pay my rent..