07 July 2010

The Blues

I'm feeling more than a little down today.
It seems that trying to break into the fashion industry is really only for the wealthy, who can afford to live in London/commute whilst earning nothing for, perhaps, a year before finding paid employment.

Otherwise people have somehow managed on waitressing by night.

This does not fill me with confidence.

I just don't seem to have the energy to hold down two jobs simultaneously.
So I've been applying to whatever permanent positions I can find that are at least half-relevant to my chosen career path.  I thought maybe I could find a way in sideways rather than head on.

But I had an interview today for a job so dire, so boring and business-like that I think I won't even manage that.

Maybe I sound spoilt. But I think I'm a good candidate.  And there's certainly some jobs out there that I've applied to that I feel I deserve a response from.

I'm feeling quite desperate and am worried there's only one antidote for that.

Off to dinner at a friend's tonight and we are having spicy sausage pasta with pancetta.  I'm sure that might do the trick.

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