24 April 2009

Nadja Auermann, b 1971, Germany

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  1. Fashion designer Valentino once commented on her physical resemblance to Marlene Dietrich. A fashion columnist wrote of her ice maiden visage and pole vaulter's legs.

    Auermann was born to a banker couple in West Berlin, Germany, who divorced when she was young. In 1984, her older sister suggested she begin thinking about modeling in order to cash in on her legs, which were unusually long for a 13-year old.

    In recent years, Auermann launched her own perfume ("Nadja Auermann") and has begun acting, having been in two German-language films: Letztes Kapitel (2005) and Dornröschens Leiser Tod (2004). She is known throughout the world for her record-breaking long legs, which are 112cm (44") long.

    Auermann has modeled for Versace, and she appeared in their classic ad photo in miniskirts along with Kristen McMenamy, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Stephanie Seymour. The ad was shot by Richard Avedon.