10 April 2009

Ali Michael, b 1990, America

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  1. Her full name is Alexandra Michael

    Her modeling career started after winning the Fashion!Dallas/Kim Dawson Model Search contest in 2005 at age 15.

    In February 2008, she was sent home from Paris fashion week after being told that "her legs were too plump".

    This was after Michael had gained five pounds after struggling with an eating disorder. She was then the center of the article "Wasn't Skinny Supposed to Be Out of Fashion?" in The Wall Street Journal on February 28, 2008. In May 2008, she appeared on the Today Show and talked about the pressure to be thin as a model and the alarming increase over the years to be skinnier. She stated that she "hadn't had [her] period in over a year" and had a wake up call when on a plane she "ran [her] fingers through [her] hair, and when [she] took [her] hand away there was a dry brittle clump of hair in [her] hand". This was before Michael's mother forced her to see a nutritionist, but then she began purging after meals to avoid gaining weight. In May, she was also in Teen Vogue and spoke about her weight struggle in an article. She also said that she was not alone and many other young (and old) models starve themselves and do not have periods.

    She dated David Broderick, a student of University of North Texas and guitarist of the band Kingfish.