05 May 2009

Heather Bratton, b 1987, d 2006, America

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  1. During the first months of her modeling career Bratton quickly captured the attention of fashion insiders, designers, and photographers. During that period of time, photographer Steven Meisel featured her on the February & May 2006 covers of Vogue Italia, and she became one of his muses. She had also appeared during the summer of 2006 in shows in Milan and Paris, modeling for Prada, Gucci, Burberry and Chanel.

    With Bratton's modeling career booming, many fashion insiders were anticipating much future success. The fashion community was stunned to hear the unexpected news that she was killed in a car crash on July 22, 2006. She was on her way home after a shoot for W by photographer Craig McDean in which she was to feature with model Coco Rocha. Bratton was buried in her home state of South Carolina. The September 2006 issue of Paris Vogue is dedicated to her memory.

    Heather has been listed by the Center for Auto Safety as a victim of the location of the gas tank aft of the rear axle in the Ford Crown Victoria.